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The President's Corner Page

This week you will receive the Annual Benefits Open Enrollment notification from the office of Human Resources. The notice will include information on rate increases for premiums to the three medical plans offered through Aetna, as well as the renewal and benefit change process.

This Thanksgiving season I reflect on the values that bind us as a community. I am thankful to belong to a community that can have civil and constructive conversations about very difficult topics and issues.

I write to you, after the results of this historic election, to acknowledge the emotions of our campus community and to challenge you to reflect on the values that are the roots that keep us grounded.

Dear Trinity Faculty and Staff,

The Fall 2016 semester has been productive and purposeful for Trinity faculty, staff, and students. Classes, research, extracurricular activities, internships, high profile lectures, meaningful dialogues, and Tiger Sports combined, contribute to a full campus experience. I thank you for all that you are doing to make the Trinity experience the best it can be for our students.