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The President's Corner Page

As 2016 draws to a close, I wish you a joyous holiday season and peace in the New Year.

The first signs of construction activity associated with the Bell Athletic Center renovation will be visible beginning Monday, Dec. 5, when a construction fence will be erected around a portion of the entry level plaza.

In this week's internal campus update, I turn to our budget preparation process. Our mission, as a University is to help our students "grow, discover, and become" contributing citizens on the path to success. Budget preparation is a key tool for achieving this University-wide mission. The budget process aligns the operating budget with the Trinity Tomorrow strategic plan and unit assessment plans.

This week you will receive the Annual Benefits Open Enrollment notification from the office of Human Resources. The notice will include information on rate increases for premiums to the three medical plans offered through Aetna, as well as the renewal and benefit change process.

This Thanksgiving season I reflect on the values that bind us as a community. I am thankful to belong to a community that can have civil and constructive conversations about very difficult topics and issues.