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Perpetual Discovery

August wraps up our video series exploring Trinity's values through conversations across campus, and my discussion with Experiential Learning director Jacob Tingle ’95 and biology professor Michele Johnson came at the perfect time. Together, we explored our values of discovery and impact, or “perpetual discovery”: the continuous desire to seek and create new knowledge, learn from it, and start the process all over again.

Danny sitting withJacob and Michele

As we wrap up a remarkable summer and look ahead to a new academic year, I am reminded that many of the innovative initiatives we will embark upon this year are a direct result of hands-on learning opportunities that Trinity offers. Over the summer, the campus is a hub of life: bright students and dedicated faculty embody lifelong learning through summer undergraduate research, Trinity-sponsored internships, faculty-led study abroad, Students + Startups, and the entrepreneurship Summer Accelerator.

These experiences culminated in the Summer Research and Internship Symposium, a two-day conference featuring the work of 245 students. This year, the event was dedicated to 150 years of experiential learning—a theme one summer undergraduate research group took to heart. I am excited to sit down with members of this team next month to discuss what they discovered about our history of hands-on education.

What drives you to keep learning, to keep discovering? Share with me what perpetual discovery means to you. I love hearing stories from this creative community of lifelong learners.

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Danny Anderson
President, Trinity University

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