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Trinity on the Move

Spring brings the promise of new beginnings and new energy on campus. Mountain laurel fills the air. Students return from spring break focused on bringing the semester to a successful close.

students doing service on spring break
Students traveled to New Orleans, El Paso, and Oklahoma City to serve those communities during spring break.

Some students chose to spend their week traveling with Tiger Breaks, serving communities around the country. In the spirit of our commitment to experiential learning, three groups of Tigers tackled social issues through service. Students visited El Paso where their focus was on immigration; New Orleans to focus on environmental justice; and Oklahoma City where they focused on homelessness and poverty. The group that visited Oklahoma City had the opportunity to meet with American author and Oklahoma native Rilla Askew in Tulsa during their day of exploration, and they learned about the 1921 Tulsa Race Riots and the history of the Civil Rights movement. Askew’s novel Fire in Beulah (2001), about the Tulsa Race Riot, received the American Book Award from the Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Bigotry and Human Rights.

With spring break just behind us, we look forward to some wonderful offerings on campus—and on the road. On March 27, we host the Flora Cameron Lecture on Politics and Public Affairs with presidential historian and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Doris Kearns Goodwin, who will be speaking on “Leadership in Turbulent Times,” the topic of her 2018 New York Times best-selling book. An endowment established by the late Mrs. Flora C. Crighton of San Antonio makes this thought-provoking lecture possible each year.

On March 28, Alvin E. Roth, co-recipient of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Economics, will be speaking at Trinity’s Nobel Economist Lecture, which is sponsored by Trinity’s Department of Economics and made possible by the late Gen. Elbert DeCoursey and Mrs. Esther DeCoursey of San Antonio. The series offers rare autobiographical insights into each Nobel Laureate’s contributions, growth, and success as a scholar as well as the sources and nature of his or her ideas and discoveries.

attendees of trinity on tour in front of jfk statue
Last year, Tigers visited Washington, D.C., for Trinity on Tour.

Off campus, I hope to see you at our third annual On the Road TUgether: Trinity on Tour 2019. This year’s event is scheduled for Saturday, April 6, in Dallas. We have an interesting slate of speakers and classes without quizzes, which are designed to nourish the desire for lifelong learning and deepen your connections with Trinity and each other.

Spring at Trinity has something special for all of us. All of the activities mentioned here show how Trinity University remains on the move: We connect with communities through our students, with our campus and city through great lectures, and with national alumni through On the Road TUgether. I hope you take this time to enjoy the season by visiting campus or by participating in an upcoming event.

Best wishes,

Danny Anderson
Trinity President

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