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Valuing the Individual and the Community

Life is a series of arrivals and departures, and it is normal to feel both excitement for a new beginning and sadness for the inevitable goodbyes. Just a few months ago, we welcomed the Class of 2018 to our alumni community while saying goodbye to their presence on campus. Similarly, the Class of 2022 moved in this past Friday, closing a chapter of their lives while opening a new one here.

Welcome the Class of 2022 video

Understanding the sensitivities of this transition, our team of faculty, staff, alumni, and students helped—and continue to help—these students through this new beginning. The students arrived last Friday on move-in day with boxes, bags, and a jumble of emotions in tow. I enjoyed watching our community use University values to help our newest Tigers make Trinity home, most notably Community and the Individual. As dozens of volunteers cheered on incoming cars and carried boxes of belongings through the Witt Center, I saw them enveloping our newest Tigers and their families into the Trinity community. And on move-in day and throughout New Student Orientation, students have received individualized attention while they build a community of friends, from advising sessions with world-class faculty to the interest fairs for academic offerings and clubs on campus.

But, the hustle and bustle of these early fall days can distract us from the joy of new beginnings. As classes commence, let us remember to take our values and enthusiasm with us into each new experience. Let these commitments be our guideposts for treating each other with respect, even as we honor our differences, and for nurturing a sense of connection to the greater world around us. I hope you will take the time to learn more about Trinity's values so that we may hold each other accountable to these principles as we live, work, learn, and play at Trinity and beyond.

Collage of incoming first-year students
Class of 2022 standouts include a cancer researcher, an open heart surgery patient, and a pair of national debate runner-ups

I am proud to welcome the Class of 2022, our largest and one of our most accomplished yet, and I look forward to a new year of discovery and growth.

Best regards,

Danny Anderson
Trinity President

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