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President's Messages

Commitment to Action

Before we begin our holiday break, I wanted to share an update on Trinity’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.

Holiday greetings from Trinity University!

Video of Danny Anderson

We wish you a joyous holiday season and a 2021 that’s filled with health and hope.

Danny J. Anderson
President, Trinity University



Tomorrow marks the final day of in-person instruction on campus for Fall 2020. As planned, the campus is rapidly closing. After a much-needed week-long Thanksgiving Break, the remainder of our studies will be conducted remotely.

Wherever you may be studying, teaching, living, or working - please take a minute to congratulate yourself and your peers for making it through this highly irregular and challenging semester.

State of the University

Greetings, Trinity Family!

It is hard to believe that we are nearly halfway through the fall semester at Trinity. Much has happened since I last wrote, and I want to catch you up on just a few of the major happenings.

Finding Your Voice: Summer 2020 Video Series

Enduring Excellence, Intentional Inclusion, Perpetual Discovery: Last summer, through monthly video updates, we embarked on a journey together to look at each of these values and what they mean to our campus. 

Congratulating Our Graduates, and Looking Ahead | A Message from President Anderson

To Trinity alumni, parents, and friends of the University:

COVID-19 Updates to Trinity Alumni and Friends

The events during the COVID-19 crisis have been a whirlwind for many in the Trinity community. I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a glimpse of what Trinity’s timeline looked like and the steps we took to ensure the health and safety of our campus community.

Trinity's Path Forward

Trinity's family has banded together in the face of an unprecedented crisis: the onset of the international COVID-19 pandemic.

The journey ahead will call on each and every one of us to lend our innovation, sacrifice, and compassion. These hallmarks of the Trinity community will help us shine, even in the face of hardship. I offer a message of encouragement and energy: together, we will remain a force in motion.

Academic Leadership Journeys

“Modern organizations often rely too much on engineering and too little on art in searching for quality, commitment, and creativity… Artistic leaders and managers help us look beyond today's reality to new forms that release untapped individual energies and improve collective performance.” – Bolman and Deal, Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership

A Climate Check with the Student Government Association

When changes initiated around student life are announced on campus, it's often the Student Government Association at the center of the headlines. SGA advocates for the development and advancement of student interests both inside and outside of the University community. Using tangible and actionable goals to foster collaboration and to create noticeable improvements to campus life, SGA works hard to uphold the best interests of Trinity's student body.