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Commitment to Action

Before we begin our holiday break, I wanted to share an update on Trinity’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.

As you know, in late August, the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force submitted its final report, which included 29 recommendations across five categories. I appointed a small project team - led by Michelle Bartonico, assistant vice president for strategic communications and marketing and Kara Larkan-Skinner, executive director for institutional research and effectiveness -  to define cohesive projects that can be assigned to workgroups for execution. This project management team was tasked with prioritizing the more than 140 recommendations found within the final report, based on actionability, budgets, resources, timelines, and other factors.

I am happy to report that this project team has submitted their report, outlining priorities and assigning timelines to our diversity and inclusion initiatives. Their plan has been presented to the Executive Leadership Team where it has received overwhelming support. We are deeply grateful for Michelle and Kara’s efforts to continue to move this project forward. 

As we return to campus in 2021, we will begin the important work of implementing these initiatives that are vital to Trinity’s long-term success. More details are forthcoming and we will be transparent about the action items we’ve prioritized. In the meantime, we are not waiting for action and many items have already started ranging from the assessment of consultants for the Student Life and Academic Affairs audit to the strategic planning for Diversity and Inclusion Office. Many members of the Trinity community will be needed to accomplish these goals and we must all remember that diversity, equity, and inclusion is everyone’s responsibility. It is together that we will move faster and further toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community. I thank you in advance for your support in fulfilling this vision.

In the meantime, enjoy your break and recharge your batteries this holiday season.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay strong.