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Finding Your Voice: Summer 2020 Video Series

Enduring Excellence, Intentional Inclusion, Perpetual Discovery: Last summer, through monthly video updates, we embarked on a journey together to look at each of these values and what they mean to our campus. 

This summer, the University is facing challenges unlike many we’ve seen in recent years, and I invite you to again look deeply into our mission and values. We are pledging to protect the health and wellness of our campus community. We face a pandemic that shows no signs of weakening, and we continue to monitor the wave of COVID-19 that is hitting the San Antonio area harder than before. We struggle through what looks to be a prolonged budget shortfall caused by myriad uncertainties in our economy. We look at our 150 year history, confronting systemic racism that is present even today both at Trinity and in our nation. And we are addressing all of this while remaining socially isolated.

Any of these issues on their own merit would be redefining for a university, but taken together, they signal a fundamentally different future for Trinity. While they are all inextricably linked, it’s my hope that this summer I can address these issues, giving them all the separate attention that they deserve while still acknowledging that they are inseparably woven together.

Especially in times of uncertainty, Trinity must remain true to its values and to the authentic voices that speak up for them. Our values remain the guiding principles for how we will address, discuss, and engage with issues close to our hearts, our minds, and our community.

Over the next two months, I will share a series of short video messages on social media. I ask that you help amplify these messages–sharing with your friends, family, colleagues, and fellow alumni as we seek to spark positive change. I encourage you to follow Trinity on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to watch as the videos are released. They will also be posted to my blog.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay strong. Trinity needs your voice—your insight, your wisdom, your courage—now more than ever.

Danny J. Anderson
President, Trinity University

As Trinity's chief storyteller, I love to share news about the University. But I also love hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me at TUPresident [at] Also, follow me on Twitter @TU_President19 or follow conversations on my website at